Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back burning in the national parks begins early Spring. The suburbs take on a surreal glow from the sun through the rising smoke. The light and the smell of ash from the first back burn signals summer is around the corner, when the bushfires start.

                                                   balconies lit
                                                   by a smouldering sun
                                                                  first back burn


  1. Back burns? Where I am, we mostly just get the orange glow from out of control bushfires.

    Nice hint of spring with the buds.


  2. I had been just wondering whether your computer fizzled again. I was just beginning to feel like my haiku are a little too conventional. Your haiku are always original and interesting. This haiku and your photo work especially well together.

  3. Seasons change, different beat, I love how you write :)

  4. Another good one Emma.
    Here it is ashes and glow from forest fires and here we move into autumn. It's a treat to see your versions of the seasons.

  5. Emma, the above comments? I reverberate. _m

  6. many thanks...

    no, the computer is in fine, working order thanks Patrick

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  8. I'm writing my post again. My first had too many typos, I was too quick to click.

    Your haiku are always of interest, especially since your seasons are the opposite of ours here in the northeastern US. We are now into early autumn.


  9. Good one... nice to be here n know ur page.. thanks :)

    Take care


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