Friday, July 24, 2009

gentle clouds
settle over suburbs
rush hour

PoemShape and Season Creep have put up great haiga recently. Worth checking out.


  1. city clouds
    hurrying --
    no rain today

    (I checked that from Australian Weather pages...)

  2. Beautiful haiga, Dalloway :)


  3. What a delicious compo, wow....the photo is incredible,and the words well, perfect accompaniement, or is it vice-versa :)

  4. The photo is really lovely - and I especially liked the contrasting imagery. The cars, gleaming, hard and noisy. But clouds are in no hurry - and move effortlessly.

  5. Brilliant picture, well chosen typo, excellent work-out. This "over" makes me unhinges me: is it neccessary? Or is it simply essential (and I am blind)?

    Best wishes

  6. Beautiful haiga & words Emma. It looks like a painting?

  7. Many thanks all.

    Frank, some of the shine on the leaves was a little distracting so I used photoshop 'sumi' over the photo - it simplified the image rather nicely - which suits the gentle image of people heading home to their lovely suburbs after a days work

    The words came to me as I was on the Harbour Bridge, looking over to the eastern suburbs, seeing the clouds touching the rooftops and the stream of commuter cars heading home. I was kicking myself for not having a camera with me.

  8. Photoshop? You mean the $700 dollar version? That's way out of my league. Do you work in the industry? I've used paint shop pro for the last several years, all the way from version 2.

  9. Hey Patrick, I use Photoshop Elements... of which I use about 10% of its capacity, I cant imagine what the full Photoshop version offers

    No, Im not in the industry... Im an Environmental Planner

    xx Dalloway (currently sat in this mad old office building - something not unlike Hogwarts - in the middle of town)

  10. What exactly does an Environmental Planner do these days? Give swimming lessons?

    I mean... we're all going to be under water soon, right?

  11. No, nothing as out-doorsy as swimming lessons... I marvel at the light reflecting off paper clips...

    open box
    of loops and silver lines
    paper clips

    youre distracting me from my work, Patrick

  12. And mine, Mrs. Dalloway.

    growing through
    the rusted paper clip - a blade
    of grass

  13. beautiful! I really like how you did this!

  14. This image and verse are so great together. What ever you use for your photo editing, you do it splendidly!

  15. Ah, the balancing ying/yang of gentle and rush - and such a pleasing, dreamy, mellow picture, the font wafting.

    Thanks also for the link - I got 25 visitors in one day!

  16. Cheers guys!

    Love the paper clip ku

    Most welcome, harps

  17. Hi Emma,

    I've been reading up on Haiku.

    The modern world of haiku writing is like a foreign country to me. I really have no idea what's going on, who is saying what, what new modes of writing are being pursued. It's like modern poetry. It's practically impossible to keep up with unless you devote all your time to it. I just ordered Lee Gurga's book on Haiku. Every reference I've come across gives it glowing praise. I've also been reading the essays at Modern Haiku.

    Just wanted to share with you some especially beautiful Haiku by a poet named Vincent Tripi. Never heard of him until I read the article.

    To hear it,
    not to hear myself,

    White lilac scent—
    the dollhouse at the window
    with its window open

    more string than he has
    the Kite Master

    In the snow
    around the carousel
    tracks of a horse

    Anyway, these haiku came from an article at:

    You might find it interesting. I'm feeling like I need to broaden my sense of what a haiku can be...

  18. heya,

    Lee Gurga's essays are excellent. I thought Id put up a link to one which I found particularly good, but its not there... I hope I can find the link again.

    Tell me what the book's like. Though Im pretty tempted to get it after you mentioned it. Im still working through Japanese Death Poetry after putting it down for a few months.

    Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

    Id be very keen to hear your thoughts on modern haiku once you've done all this reading

    I have so much more to read - the old, the classic and the new stuff.

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