Wednesday, September 23, 2009

redbacks escape
down my best mates' dunny
the sea change

With a quiet nod to John McDonald and Comrade Harps...


  1. Wow that is so inventive, bravo Emma ;)

  2. Ha! From what are the spider's escaping? And is that really escaping? - or more of a sea change?

    This is pure Dalloway - really inspiring and original.

  3. Cheers Patrick and Lorraine.

    This IS my friends outside 2-storey toilet in their new house, which left me wondering about their curious move away from the city... (and P, I know you read this... Im still getting over the fact that youve deserted us once again for the Shire).... ;)

  4. "There was a redback on the toilet seat,
    When I was there last night.
    I didn't see him in the dark,
    But boy I felt his bite.
    I jumped up high into the air,
    And when I hit the ground.
    That crafty redback spider,
    Wasn't nowhere to be found."
    Redback on the toilet seat
    by Ralph Ernest 'Slim' Newton

    That's a long way to hit the ground.

  5. Have never seen a 2-story toilet. A unique haiku Emma.

  6. Yes Harps! What was I thinking? Redbacks.. got to more specific... if only I could have worked in the word 'kangaroo' too...

    Janice, I hear you... I have never seen a 2-storey toilet in my short life either

  7. a nod back from me emma well done

  8. cheers John, though I struggled with the subtleties of the translation... I dont know how you do it...

  9. Anonymous9/25/2009

    Wonderful postcards, your posts.

  10. Emma, a new desktop was posted at a site I like (thought you might like it):

    If you're tempted, you should try submitting one of your photographs to this site.

  11. An unusual photograph, a fine haiku, an interesting micropoem - all this comes together in a wonderful arrangement. Maybe not a haiga, maybe not a classical haiku-moment: but who cares, I like it a lot.

    Best wishes

  12. Readbacks - more visual too.

    Kangaroo - that would have to be something about bondage!

    Thanks for the link.

  13. Good to see new faces!

    Thanks for the link Patrick, Im checking it out as we speak... Harps you may be interested too given your highly visual pics...

    And um, Harps, that may be saying more about your relationship with kangaroos than the rest of us would care to admit ;)

    Cheers Ralf

  14. Glad it gets cold here; redbacks, poisonous snakes, sharks, and jellyfish! Makes me shudder...
    have seen a two story affair, though. a two seater-real class!

  15. I was thinking of another Australian musical classic - Tie Me Kangaroo Down Mate.

  16. Lovely to see you here again, Bandit - can I assume we wont be having the pleasure of your company in Sydney in the near future? Probably a good thing - the sharks only go for tourists ;)

    And a two-seater / two storey toilet? Yeah, sounds dead classy.

    Well Harps, looks like you and Rolf have something in common

  17. Ah... so interesting Emma, as always. _m

  18. Actually, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

  19. ha! You are one nut of a woman, Dalloway....and I note you have the one good lot here as commentators (including me :)...I am happy to be back...but I SO miss Polona...

    Loved the previous one more...perhaps thats more of my kind in writings :)


  20. wow. more comments.

    very glad youre back Devika and yeah, I miss Polona too

  21. Love this - although the top (dialectish) version isn't as unfamiliar to me as some regional voices it still has a distinctive flavour. The two together work so well. It's fun, almost like a game of chinese whispers - I can imagine it being passed along from writer to writer, changing slightly each time.

  22. Anonymous9/30/2009

    what's wrong with my outside dunny?!!
    'course one of the first things we'll be doing after moving in is calling the demolisher!
    not sure a tiny peak of a muddy river if you stretch painfully could be considered a "sea change" either...?

  23. hi Jem, always enjoy your comments...

    and ah, a little touchy today travelstogether? actually I need to get back to your place(if you'll have me) and photograph your wallpaper ;)

  24. A very unusual & inventive haiga Emma - love it...

  25. This is just way too good!


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