Thursday, November 12, 2009

sunlight sweeps
across the cluttered sill
temple bells


  1. Sight and sound richly intertwined.

  2. WOW! I'm at a loss for words, Dalloway :)

    Krishna means tears all the way, for devotees....and he smiles all the way -- But He is the one who taught me to smile, despite odds:)

    Now what did i say -- loss of words!?? haha -- I smile/laugh at myself the most :)


  3. this is beautiful and inspiring...thanks for this

  4. nice one Emma; text skillfull placed

    much love

  5. Very impressive Emma, wonderful art :)

  6. Great work. Great handling of colours and light.

    Best wishes

  7. cheers folks...

    hope autumn is treating you well (are you escaping SA's heat, Harps?)

  8. Gorgeous, Emma - A wonderful piece of work. Give us more, more.

  9. Hi Dalloway, I just added myself as a follower. I was hoping I would get E-Mail notifications (an option like that was just added at WordPress). With that in mind, stop by my blog and add yourself to my E-Mail list - that way whenever I *do* write another haiku (and I will by gad) you won't have to keep checking up on me.

    You've been busy. :-) I have too - just not writing haiku. I've been working on a murder/mystery story for kids - something to send out to publishers. I've also been reading lots of Sherlock Holmes.

    Your photography is really moving along. I was thinking of buying myself a decent digital camera for Christmas.

    And what's the Font?

    All in all, I liked this haiku. It reminds me of the old Masters. I'm not all that familiar with Krishna, so there may be an extra layer I'm missing.

    It all sounds very summery. A good snow storm just gave us our first several inches of snow - just over 20 centimeters.

  10. Hi Patrick,

    Im thrilled to hear you are working on something that may one day be published. Rest assured you will have one guaranteed sale from me - though I may have to organise a signed copy somehow (oh the image of signing my own imaginary book - I just got chills).

    They dont send emails unfortunately. Other blogspot folk see snippets of new work on our 'dashboard'. But sleep easy knowing you have made me look a fraction more popular than yesterday. I thank you. You should add your website to your profile for a little self promotion.

    I cant remember the font, but I downloaded it from You can probably find it under 'handwriting fonts' because I love these.

    And yes, we are enjoying day after glorious summer day in the Emerald City at present, with light finally draining from the sky around 8pm. Im reading a lot of the old masters work under eucalypts in the park these days.

    You must be thrilled about the snow, being a snow boarder and all. Or is life as a serious writer preventing you from too much play?


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