Saturday, December 19, 2009

the longest day
I finally take no
for an answer

Patrick Gillespie of PoemShape is collecting solstice haiku.  E-mail your contribution via his contact page, or post it to his guest book.

And to get you in the mood, here's some winter solstice ku from the f/k/a archives.


  1. Currently not thinking about publishing....But anyway, thanks for the info, Dalloway :)


  2. in an old yearbook
    that girl I never kissed--
    winter solstice

    Otherwise, Joy to the world!

  3. Hi Emma & Bill,

    I just included your haiku and Senryu in my post. What would all of you think of another collection - maybe for New Years or later?

  4. I like the sense of the longest day wearing you down, making you do something you've resisted. Also of course I love the fact that this reminds me that your longest day is my shortest.


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