Saturday, July 10, 2010


  1. very poignant haiga, Emma...

  2. very nice, Dalloway :)
    had to look for lego,


  3. Total change of the artistic language. Warhols Campbell-colors and the comic-strip-scenery of the 80ies mix up with that little plastic brick - all three so odd. Great!

    Best wishes

  4. Hi Emma...good to see you.
    Like the possibilities in this...for myself I'll read as having perhaps warped memories of my childhood - time seems to embellish them often as not as I have recently found when coming back home to my father's house - what is remembered doesn't always match with what is/was there.

  5. Hey folk - lovely to see you all here.

    Welcome back Frank, I trust you enjoyed your break.

    Hi Devika - No, there is no lego in this picture :) - although, this picture was from a photo taken in the Museum of Contemporary Art, where, in the next room, was an exhibit with millions of lego pieces.

    Ralf - funny you should mention Warhol - after I made this image I reckon my son looks exactly like Andy Warhol (thankfully not in real life).

    And hi Janice! I couldnt agree more. Lovely to see you here.

  6. This is such a cool haiga ... the art is so ... warped. :) (I love the flash obscuring her face. And is that a shadow impinging on that circle? SO cool.)
    And having a house filled with who-knows-how-many tens of thousands of Lego pieces ... starting to wonder how my son will remember his childhood. :)

  7. Anonymous7/12/2010

    Wow! Love this - and the image is fantastic, even by itself - but still, what a match!

  8. Hi Melissa and Ashley. Yeah it is a bit warped. The flash effect seems to have given me an afro (in addition to turning my son into Andy Warhol). Thrilled to see you guys here.

  9. Emma; it surely is a pleasure visiting here; i'm always happily surprised at your offerings

    much love

  10. Emma, love your work! I'll be back to visit often!

  11. Anonymous7/20/2010

    Yeah! There is some AndyW going on there.

    What also struck me about the ku, is the idea of the lego being warped, really brings to mind the somtimes destrucive curiosity of youth

  12. ah Nicole!! I had a wonderful time reading your entire blog. really lovely work there (oh to be able to paint... must be so satisfying)

    heya ashley... re the "destructive curiosity of youth"... gawd theres a whole series of ku right there dont you think?... come to think of it, I did write one after watching a small gang of boys torturing a beetle (scroll down to Nov 7)... doesnt begin to compare to your latest zombie ku.

  13. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Yeah, that'd work, absolutely!

    Wow, that ku is great, quite sad without milking the moment, etc - especially having the antagonist represented as just 'shoulderblades' great.

    You should definitely come over and submit a few verses for the zombie renga!

  14. cheers for the invite ashley - zombie ku is definitely a genre worth getting your teeth into

  15. Anonymous8/09/2010

    Just checking in, Emma. :-) I've been reading more of Lee Gurga's book today. I'm sitting on the back porch of my house in the morning - a cool breeze and blue skies. This haiku reminded me of you - always so original:

    muggy night ...
    the child's moon drawing
    taped to the fridge

  16. hey Patrick - thats a beautiful haiku, it brought a smile

    xx Emma (hunched over a much-loved desk - warm tea and a few ideas)

  17. that's really a nice haiku.i like them.

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  19. Brilliant haiku, and that last line is a killer line! ;-)

    all my best,

    The With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2010: weblink to competition page

  20. I really like this haiku... very clever!


  21. Uma boa visada para trás...


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