Sunday, March 1, 2009



  1. i love both your haiga. i can so relate to the autofocus one, and i think the number works well in the second (i wonder who would follow the bee and count the flowers, though ;-) )

  2. _Dalloway, I like both haiga, but the bee adds to the sense of... "nature."

  3. The second one is cute (as though you sat counting it all ;)), the first one is deeper...

    I liked them both, Dalloway and lovely pictures :)


  4. I liked them too, though I might favor the second haiku. It reminds me of Issa. The Japanese & Chinese were always going on about the 10,000 this, and the 10,000 that.

    But Dalloway is just learning.

    someday she
    will be a master - the bee's
    10,000nth flower.

    Thank you, Dalloway.

    I finally wrote a haiku about something besides snow, stars and moon.

  5. very cool, upinvermont, very cool.

    thank you.

    and thanks all for visiting and commenting. its much appreciated.

  6. lovely- I agree with Polona. :)

  7. Oh my! Love the bee picture and the Haiku with it ~ eighty first flower ~ the energy and exhaustion blossoms from that line! Well done!

  8. thank you aleta! thats what I thought.

    polona, devika, to finally get a good bee photo (3 hours - 150 photos - about 5 decent ones) I felt like i had got inside the bee's mind.


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