Friday, May 29, 2009

drawing north
to the sugarcane - shadows
cut the freeway


  1. Dalloway, I'm sitting at a sidewalk eating pizza, Hanover, New Hampshire. Friday. Just moved out of the house we've been building (me and crew) for last year. Have no idea how much work I'll have until the economy improves.

    Nice to visit your site.

    Glad you liked my Dandelion haiku. I wondered if you would.

    *You're* haiku is tantalizing. "drawing north" and "shadows on the freeway" both hint at harbingers of some sort - not menacing but *could be*. Then... "sugarcane". It's an interesting mix of imagery and ideas... to me. The two sort of negate each other, leaving a kind of "now". A feeling of just being there and observing.

    Your haiku just keep improving.

    It's great to see so many readers commenting at your site.

  2. Patrick, I do try to hold off explaining things for obvious reasons, but this one is quite Australian - and will potentially only appeal to the *2* regular visitors from my side of the planet (and hello to you both!).

    Theres one highway that runs due north up the east coast - towards Queensland, where the sugarcane is grown. Densities are so low in Australia that it takes a long time to drive between major towns, so after many hours driving, long shadows cut across the road. Flashing bright sunlight/dark shadows for an hour or two does something to my eyes - its hypnotic.

    And as you picked up, it can be a long, lonely, introspective drive.

    I dont know if you read my response to an earlier comment, but I highly recommend you use your time off to pursue other interests and create great art ... 'one life an all... I look forward to seeing what come up with.

    Im stunned at the number of visitors to this site. My stat counter suggests about 4000 hits since Feb. I cant imagine how many youve had, Mr Top 100 Blog (and congrats).

    Enjoy your pizza.

  3. I can seee this from experience:

    zebra stripes
    crossing the highway -
    late afternoon

  4. good lawd Patrick - 40,000 readers???? sheesh

  5. Yes, Dalloway...I could appreciate this only with your notes :)

    Glad I have it :)


  6. "shadows
    cut the freeway"
    I really like that!

  7. I know, and none of them (for the most part) comment. It's the comments that make the whole thing enjoyable.

    The majority of my readers are students (high school and college) - probably researching homework. I don't mind. I just hope that a few of them look at my poetry - some do.

    I'm thinking of changing my focus this summer - looking at various poets solely in terms of imagery.

    As to my top 100...

    Ya'know, Dalloway... I can't for the life of me figure out whether I'm being spammed. I've noticed that many of the poetry bloggers included on the list have proudly announced their ranking. I haven't.

    Who compiled it and why?

    Think about it. Just who *is* "Online University"? Whoever it is, or whoever they are, they just got oodles and oodles of free advertising! What better way to spam than to appeal to ones vanity!

    I mean, what if you popped up on a list of Top 100 Haiku Bloggers, wouldn't you want to tell the world about it? Even if it was sponsored by the makers of sildenafil citrate tablets?

    (Look it up, I know you're dying to... ;-)

    It's fun, I suppose, but I'm just a little skeptical of the whole thing.

  8. When I change freeway into Autobahn this haiku opens wide as well in our country.

    Best wishes

  9. he hides the
    sildenafil citrate - she chooses
    which bed socks to wear

    Hmmm, youre probably right. The site has undoubtedly increased their traffic, but hopefully theyve increased yours along the way.

    Top 100 Haiku Blogs? ha! My friends already think Im a big nerd. Id be thinking twice before getting the T-shirt.

  10. And thanks to you all for commenting - as Patrick said, your comments make blogging so much fun.

  11. I have seen this too with scrawny tree shadows sprawled across the highway. Good one Emma.

  12. I like the way the shadows (something so fragile and without substance) can cut the freeway (something so very concrete and present).

  13. Good eye, Dalloway.


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