Saturday, May 2, 2009

The similes of Jack Dalloway, aged three and three quarters

Putting some thought into the matter, my three year old son announced, "I'm as fast as fire and daddy is as fast as lightning... and you, mum, are as slow as a glued bus."

Overlooking the questionable accuracy of his words, I admired the bright eyes of my blossoming little poet and offered him more juice.

trying my shoes...
he asks if there's anything
else I've got


  1. An absolutely delightful haibun Emma. A child's perspective is amazingly clear and untainted by experience or cynicism - love this.

  2. cheers Janice! I agree, theyre little Buddhists

  3. A very touching moment...

  4. Great moment in a parent's life, well captured. In some decades memories like these will help us throuh predictable solitude ...

    Best wishes

  5. Smart son of a smart mom! :)

    Delightful haibun, Dalloway :)


  6. absolutely delightful. you were definitely not slow in capturing a great moment :)

  7. _Simply wonderful, Emma!
    _I gotta find a glued bus!
    _Hey Jack... Keep usin' words that draw such nice pictures!

  8. ha! I hear things like that here, but in the opposite direction. :)

  9. Cheers folk.

    Polona, personally I dont think Im slow at all. This kid gives me grief all the time - especially when Im asking him to hang about while I take another 15 bee shots on the way to the park.

  10. Anonymous5/05/2009

    a glued bus!! cheeky little man. i don't think percy would say that about me- seems i'm always the one hurrying her.

  11. Hey travelstogether - youve moved! Kids have no sense of time... Must be kind of fun in a way

  12. ah, but bee shots are fun, especially when a few turn out well. and children are a bit like bees: always in motion, wanting to see more, wanting to know more...

  13. This is your best haibun so far. Your poetic insights are often profound when you observe your children (which isn't to say it's the only subject matter that inspires you). There's so much variety in your haiku.

  14. Hi Patrick, lovely to see you again...

    I appreciate your compliments all the more because you'll let me know when something's crap - or at least a little too experimental (in the nicest possible way of course).


  15. This was a nice suprise, found you at Magyar, I found this haibun and haiku very amusing. thank you for sharing.


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