Monday, July 6, 2009

The morning commuter train. An hour earlier we each were warm in our beds. Beyond that, we are all strangers.

a poppy
flips about on an unseen breeze
a private joke

Simply Haiku, winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


  1. Love that privacy theme, and yet so open...;)

  2. A well thought out haiga/haibun Emma - I love it...

  3. Good one, Dalloway:)

    in commuter trains I find myself normally reserved, watching others share private jokes and laughing...but in long distance journeys I talk, especially when I find people from places I do not know...knowing their life and thoughts are of interest to me :)


  4. oh didn't say, I loved the art work here, Dalloway...a graffiti feel to it :)


  5. a theme follows me today ... being present and absent all at once. very nice.

  6. Very nice picture, great prose, a very special haiku. Like it!

    Best wishes

  7. _I like the intro... suggesting that we all share the same source, some private and individual awakening. Birth, perhaps.
    _I can see the poppy shaking about as it giggles! _m

  8. Nicely contrasts the piblic/private/freedom/conformity themes. Abstract swirl nicely captures the "inspiral through another day" (to quote the Stone Roses)feel/setting. There's a heart in there too.

  9. i like the haibun, as well as the image; and the different fonts, so well put together; a composition - reflection of your thoughts, introspection, and wit

    much love

  10. Anonymous7/08/2009

    A pleasure to read. Thanks for posting this.

  11. Hi Emma!

    I've been off-line for about a week with computer problems. My three and a half year old laptop has been dying an ugly death - hard drive problems. Don't by HP laptops, all their hardware is proprietary. So... I bought a Vaio, thought I was all set up, and the new laptop had a faulty wireless card (internal). After three days worth of tech calls I returned the computer. Then bought another Vaio, one step up, and it took me about two days (with interruptions) to install all the hardware and get everything running again.


    Just wanted to say how much I liked your last post. It seems like all the different elements of your talents and personality are really beginning to come together. This haikum haibun, haiga, feels like a real synthesis toward a new direction for you. I am truly wowed. Something I'm wanting to do, is to combine video and haiku. I've seen it done elsewhere.

    There's a hint of eroticism in this haiku.

    Is this a completely digital creation or did you scan something in?

  12. Thank you all for your comments.

    And good to see some new faces Esin, Laure and Lorraine!

    I appreciate your comment Harps - You articulate my thoughts better than I do.

    Hey Patrick - I know what you mean. Computers die slow horrible deaths (my last PC) or mysteriously utter a quiet 'pop' - never to be revived (my second hand laptop).

    Fingers crossed youre back on line.

    Thanks for you comments. I feel my haiku and photoshop skills are slowly improving - which is a little frustrating because Im back at work and dont have nearly as much time to horse around.

    This one is completely digital and I have Gillena to thank for that. She taught me a couple a very useful things - as did the talented Spanish photoshop master Gari (see followers).

    Did you see Gillena's wonderful video haiku? Hmmm haiku, haiga, haibun... what should video haiku be I wonder..haivid? haideo? Very much look forward to seeing what you come up with, Patrick - so ah, stop reading this and get on with it! You have a new computer so theres no excuse.

    Hmmm this is turning into a rather puplic email... I'll stop now.



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