Sunday, June 28, 2009

from the edge... still
the need to fall

Simply Haiku, winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


  1. I know that feeling, I love that picture. So: a great haiga.

    Best wishes

  2. Making up for the surreal, flippant and sacarine ones of late, Harps...

  3. Thats truly an addiction, Dalloway!
    living life on the edge is fun, if one knows how to...i think life has taught me only that lesson, properly...and I'm often called an 'eccentric' for that...

    whats irritating is..when people come and say "Be safe," "take care" etc :))

    but ofcourse I am believer, that I should say...and firmly believes all is for the good -- if not for me, for someone I love so much :)

    I just rambled off my figuring out the relevance :))


  4. A top notch haiga Emma...

  5. I feel more than one inference here, Em.
    Some folks live on the edge, others wish to share misery, then some wish to have the courage to let go...
    Ever have those falling dreams, and then you begin to fly? Of course, naked is even better...

  6. Summarizes what many are feeling lately...

  7. I *love* it.

    I love everything about it. I suppose if one is going to be fussy, it's not a hokku in the classic sense of the word, but it's a haiku. I love the font, the layout and the picture.


  8. Remarkably lofty.

  9. oh I love how you did this! makes me want to do things like this. :)

  10. Lovely photo Emma.
    It require courage to turn away, but also to let go, while you do it either way you live.

  11. I like the use of the word "need" but find that the photograph contains my own interpretation of the words too much. Doesn't impact the quality of the verse: just clips my own imagination a smidge more than I like.

  12. Im really touched by all your comments - a little blown away actually...

    Devika, eccentric is a compliment

    Yes, I have flying dreams too, Bandit, though I usually manage to keep my clothes on... If I see you in one of those dreams, I'll be sure to keep my eyes above the waist ;)

    J. Andrew, Im having trouble getting on to your site of late... is it me?

    Julie, I carry a camera around with me as often as I can but that does mean I fall into the trap of photographing the scene that inspires the haiku.. I'll see what I can do.

    Cheers all

  13. I can feel it. One I wrote a while back:

    kite in the wind
    that moment of wanting
    to let go

  14. yes, there is that paradox in such a moment. this is beautiful.

  15. so soon? wasnt it just last month?

  16. I whistled, wow, I thought it was time I checked you out, and I totally fell ;)


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