Sunday, June 14, 2009

golden ant
struggles to the waterhole
I raise my flask


  1. A supercilious gesture it seems :)

  2. Makes me want to raise mine, Dalloway :)

    Nice photo,


  3. When I read it, I say to myself: "She raises her flask to do what?" Is she toasting the ant? Is she going to pour water on the ant? Is she going to take a swig with a sort 'I have water and you don't' gesture?

    On the other hand, is she comparing the ant's struggles to the water hole with herself as she raises her flask?

    I *love* the picture. The small living things in life (bees, moths, ants) all seem to show up in your haiku. I think you have a soft spot for them. You notice them. Issa was like this.

  4. By the way, the word I typed in for that last message was Milisith.

    What a pretty word, I thought to myself - a pretty name too.

  5. I read it that you're just being helpful. Nice.

    Total coincidence that I was thinking ants on Sunday too, watching and driving dodgem cars.

  6. Great contrast of how easy it is for some, how hard for others. I like the sense of you toasting the ant with your drink.

  7. thanks for visiting and commenting!

    yes, I love watching insects, Patrick. And if Id never taken the photo I would not have noticed the pointed barbs on his back or the fine gold hair on his abdomen... I wish Id discovered haiku earlier...

    Harps, you were driving dodgem cars?

  8. Cheers, Miss Ant! And here is my toast:

    May your fundament be golden
    and your work shine.
    Bottoms up!

    Makes me smile after a long day, Dalloway.

  9. this is unusual, the size of the ant, its struggle to the water; two surprisin elements in your haiga
    much love

  10. I don't think I've seen one of these. Gold- strange.

  11. thanks for your comments

    I hadnt seen an ant like this either but apparently theyre common - full name is the golden spiny ant

    glad I got a smile ralf

  12. This is what we live for.

    Best wishes


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