Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just off Dee Why

An on-line collection of haiku written by Australians can be found at The Dreaming Collection. Its a delightful little site with haiku tumbled into various categories such as suburbs, the outback, pubs, sport, sheep...

They're currently running a
competition to unearth more Australian haiku. It's free to enter and it's open to international folk. Entries need to be in by 1 July.

The above photograph was taken last week during business hours. The surf was incredible. At least 50 guys must have called in sick at work that morning and were spending the day riding perfect wave after perfect wave. You can tell we're in the depths of winter by the guys' full body wetsuits.

There are words that go with this picture, but the above competition wants unpublished work only (including blogs... I checked).


  1. That's so cool. You make me want to live in Australia.

    And I found out more on Jornal. The author's name is Alegria Imperial and she is a journalist from Manila. Jornal, she tells me, is the word for daily wage in her own language. She writes bilingual poetry. I remember now that I posted one of her poems from Lynx Magazine. She really, really does have a gift for haiku.

  2. Not just the waves, but those clouds!

  3. Great scene, great picture. Nice story (being sick for to fight the waves ;-)

    Best wishes

  4. Patrick, I find the jornal thing very distracting and repetitive, but she does have an immense talent for haiku. Perhaps a visit to Australia - in summer.

    I know Bandit, the clouds almost make the picture - it wouldnt have been the same if it were sunny.

    Cheers Ralf

  5. Thanks for the link, Dalloway. I've bookmarked the site. There's a lot of haiku talent down under. Lorin Ford, one of the best, is currently haiku editor of "Notes from the Gean," a new online journal, which is accepting submissions through July 15 for its next issue. I hope I'll be seeing you there.


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