Sunday, June 21, 2009

warm winters day
a Chinese wind chime sings
to an empty street


  1. Can hear it. All layers of chilling (out) included ... Very nice.

    Best wishes

  2. HAHAHA....this made me laugh loud, Dalloway!

    singing to myself is my way to happiness, :))


  3. Emma,
    _I'm just now becoming -adjusted- to you being in another season! Silly me.
    _Love the wind chime -sings to herself- and yet... 'we all hear her song.' _m

  4. This one didn't quite do it for me.

    It feels, maybe, just a little too... saccharine?

  5. yes Magyar, we are now in the depths of winter (I have a scarf wrapped around my neck as I write this).

    Patrick, I was loving that one day of unseasonal warmth... obviously intoxicated with suger-filled happy hormones... and the chime WAS singing away to itself, I swear...

    (makes you wonder though - if I wasnt there, would she still have made a sound on that empty street? ahem)

    anyway, we're back to typical Sydney winter draughty weather today and I have a delightfully bleak, non-sweetened haiga for you the moment my computer is back in my cold winter hands ;)

  6. just checked - its 68F at the moment... Devika might agree thats cold

  7. Hmmmm....pulling my legs, Dalloway? :))

    i love cold, the colder, the makes me long for warmth ;-) [else, i don't bother! :)]


  8. I have always used a photographic prompt, but am going to try without. I'll see ...

  9. keen to see what you come up with Julie.

    (if anyone's interested, julie takes wonderful photographs of people, places and events in Sydney - I lost sleep last night trawling through her various blog sites)

  10. I like the change, Dalloway.

    The change adds a depth and complexity that was missing from the first version.

    Shouldn't winters read winter's? - asked the pedant.

    I keep wondering about "singing" instead of "sings". I always pause over decisions like these. I usually chose the "present continuous" or "present progressive" tense (-ing) but I don't know why and I can't think of a good rationale.

    The linked article is "sort of" related. It's by the haiku scholar William J. Higginson who, from what I can judge, was probably the best and most objective scholar around. I tried writing him recently, only to learn that he died last year.


  11. The day I discovered haiku I ran out and bought Higginson's Haiku Handbook. A few weeks later I noticed a large number of tributes to him on various haiku sites.

    I also came across this

    I prefer present continuous generally - its more immediate, but chose sings for a couple of reasons

    lovely chatting to you, as always Patrick

    and lovely reading everyones comments, many thanks

  12. Yes, I saw your website too. It's strange because the last word you hear from him is that his Doctors are feeling optimistic. Very unsettling...

    They left his blog just they *he* left it. It's like walking into someone's room, a year later, and seeing that nothing has moved or been changed.


  13. thats exactly what it felt like

  14. I love the feel of this- haunting.

  15. Many thanks J.Andrew

    Hey Patrick, thanks for the Higginson link. Some very useful points on -ing words! A lawyer at work once sent me an article on the use of 'which' and 'that' which has stuck with me ever since. I suspect Higginsons comments will do the same on my use of 'ings'.

    Its the kind of article that ups my game on composing haiku (much like the f/k/a essay on psyku - though that one freaked me out of writing for about a month).

    Im ramblimg. Then again, whats a blog for?


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