Wednesday, June 24, 2009

at the scan results
no dead birds


  1. Wow! I am sure there is a story behind this one. Great work!

  2. Oh Wonderful, Dalloway...You got a colourful brain :)

    they say mine is just grey matter --inside and out! :)


  3. you crack me up Devika :)

  4. God one Dalloway, it's the alive birds that matter ;)

  5. Thanks for your comments.

    Youre a man after my own heart, Ashi.

    Julie, thanks for your unerringly accurate comment. Might just keep that one to ourselves. :)

  6. An unusual post which has grown on me over several visits. Graphics are stunning...

  7. I feel the way you must have felt when reading my haiku about devil's paint brushes. I keep coming back to this but you have stumped me.

    : )

    It's surreal.

  8. What an image, visual and text.
    Dead birds?
    I think I can see a bat in there, though...

  9. Anonymous6/26/2009

    so you did share this. i think i can make out a butterfly...?
    see you at summer hill tomorrow?

  10. Dalloway (and all her other readers), check out:

    I'm not sure I get the bloggers notion of "jornals", and I'm not sure if the blogger is a man or woman, but he or she writes some really beautiful haiku.

    Check out the site and give the poet some traffic.

  11. Patrick, seeing inside my head is surreal.

    Frank, I really appreciate your comment.

    Might call my next blog site Bats & Butterflies - thanks Harps & P (yes I'll be there)

    The idea of jornals is a little off putting but I agree theres some beautiful haiku.

  12. That's **your** head?!?


    OK, you have just *got* to explain all this. I'm completely hooked.

  13. Oh ok. Though it'll take all the fun out of it, Patrick.

    I had a CT scan the other day. The hospital gave me the images to take to my doctor. Naturally, I had a peek. Seeing my brain is surreal. A lifetime of living with my thoughts did not prepare me for seeing the actual object that creates those thoughts.

    And with no medical degree to my name, the most I could diagnose from the scan was that there's no dead birds in there. Fuelled with a little nervous energy, that diagnosis amused me no end. It had to be blogged, even if it was going to confuse my much loved readers.

    The results came back clear, though I suspect the radiologists missed the odd bat that Harps so correctly identified.

  14. Beautiful poem. I had an x-ray the other day and thought a lot about the whole outside / inside view of us. Sometimes the not there is far more interesting than the there!

  15. thanks Jem - I agree - I was very happy to find out what was not in my head

  16. Your ears are crooked.

  17. Noooo... my ears are perfectly symmetrical Bandit, the picture is on a slight angle...

  18. What an amazing photo! And the words: the possibilities are endless.


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