Sunday, March 29, 2009

morning light-
fan dancers kindle
old chuckles


  1. A wonderfully observed movement...

  2. Not sure I get this one - but the fault could be mine.

  3. Many thanks Frank, I appreciate your comments.

    Patrick, early morning the parks are filled with folk doing tai chi and on this occasion, a bunch of old women practising their fan dancing. I was watching these old Chinese men who were sat on a park bench chuckling at their wives. I wished I had my camera with me.

  4. Nice one, Dalloway
    like it, especially after reading your note to Patrick. :)


  5. nice one Dalloway; i got the gist of it; but without the scene; with your note to Patrick, the scene added, gives me more and heightens my appreciation.

    much love

  6. haiku...
    the fringe of this rug

    Just my thought... -not- an instruction!
    _Of late, I am too explict when I write those things -I- label, 'haiku.'
    _We sometimes say too much. Let each reader imagine their own Ah-Ha and discover their own answer(s) to the 'wonder' you leave.
    _Here I reasoned 'youngsters' were giggling at the fan dancers. It worked for me, obtuse as I am.

  7. Magyar I sympathise. Encouraging that aha moment, yet being clear is such a fine balance. I was obviously a little too obscure on this one. Feedback helps.

  8. That's cool.

    I wouldn't have guessed at any of that.

    The snow hasn't even fully melted up here. The only fan dancers are the herds of wild Turkeys picking through the newly opened grasses.

  9. ah yes, I saw your turkey haiku


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