Saturday, February 7, 2009


what a New York experience - perhaps calm this woman down with a joke - okay, that didn’t work - how funny - she’s pissed off now - look at her massive hands - imagine being punched in the face by a New Yorker - in the Museum of Modern Art of all places! - great story back home - better stop grinning - she really is going to hit me in a second - I’ll get this over with and just agree with her - oh you’re kidding - now I'm 'disrepecting' her? - why would such an angry woman want to visit MoMA anyway? - probably out on day release - ha! probably the only momma she’s got

not knowing
when the thunderclap
will come


  1. Hey Dalloway,

    This is interesting. Sort of Haibun, sort of Haiga.

    The haiku works in the context of the narrative, but seems to be missing something without it.

    I've been looking at my haiku these last two months. Most have had something to do with snow. Trying to get away from that.

  2. this is intruguing and well written.
    but like patrick, i feel there's something missing in the haiku to make it stand alone

  3. thanks for your continued interest and please keep the comments rolling in.

    you both sound in need of a holiday.


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